Fly Tipping Prevention Service

Modular & Adaptable

Rapidly Deployable CCTV System which can easily be grown or shrunk to adapt to changing needs

Free Standing

Free standing with integrated 3.6m telescopic mast

Wall/Pole Mounted

Building or lamp post mounted system as an alternative to the free standing system

Cloud Enabled

Cloud-based secure remote access to live views and recordings

Variable Storage

Configurable recording duration (30 days default)

Battery Backup

Built-in 24 hour battery backup for systems which can be connected to a mains power supply

No Power Required

Pair of hot-swappable high capacity battery trailers for locations with no mains power

Network Contingency

Dual independent path 4G communication systems per tower providing resilience against network service provider outage

Video Analytics

State-of-the-art video analytics to detect fly-tipping

Live Monitored

Remotely monitored with direct audio challenge to deter fly tipping before it occurs

Evidence Gathering

Record only system to provide video evidence of fly-tipping after the event


Privacy masking and full GDPR compliance