Temporary Site Security Service

Live Monitoring

•Dedicated operators assigned to your site so they become aware of the patterns associated with the site, get to know and understand what is normal and what is not.

•Operators are supported by sophisticated video analytics to aid them in threat detection but are not replaced by the technology because the technology alone is unsuitable for changing sites.

Zero Blind Spot Policy

•Because what you see is what you protect.

•Intruders are adept at finding a way in from where there is no obvious surveillance.

•Full perimeter coverage is therefore necessary and not just a nice to have feature. 

Fit-For-Purpose Audits

•Daily desktop audit to identify new/emerging vulnerabilities such as new scaffold or a skip blocking camera view so these may be dealt with before they are exploited.

•Scheduled physical audits by means of walk-tests on site to ensure system remains fit-for-purpose.

•Site surveys to plan and schedule in advance any remedial work required to deal with changing site or its perimeter, for example, during phased handovers of site.


•Real-time instant messaging channel for urgent communication of issues requiring site management input or guidance.

•Daily site activity report of all out-of-hours activity on site.

•Quarterly statistics providing a broad overview of our performance together with data on number and types of incidents or events.

•Exception reporting – Communicating matters affecting the delivery of our service where risk to your site is potentially increased as a result.

24/7 On-Call Response Service

•In-house 24/7 on-call engineers and SIA licensed security guards.

•Whether responding to an incident or a technical failure, our first responders will arrive quickly and remain onsite until the threat has dissipated or issue resolved.

•In the unlikely event where a technical issue cannot be resolved, we will execute our contingency of last resort where, depending on the calculated risk, we will either perform regular mobile patrols of the site or our licensed guard will remain onsite until the site opens on the next business day.

Static Guards

•Licensed uniformed static guards and gatemen/banksmen for short or long term appointments.