Temporary Site Security System


Rapidly Deployable self-contained CCTV System with small footprint

Free Standing

Free standing with integrated 3.6m telescopic mast

Wall/Pole Mounted

Scaffold/building mounted system for those occasions where there is no suitable location for the free standing system

Caterpillar Tracked

All-terrain one person deployment system – no HIAB/Telehandler needed


On-ground installation, no ladders required, no working at height risk

High Capacity

Up to eight distinct views per unit

Variable Storage

Configurable recording duration (30 days default)

Battery Backup

Built-in 24 hour battery backup

No Power Required

Plug-in hot-swappable high capacity battery trailers alternated to facilitate service on sites with no power.

Network Contingency

Dual independent path 4G communication systems per tower providing resilience against network service provider outage

Video Analytics

State-of-the-art video analytics to assist live monitoring operator in detecting intruders, loitering and other suspicious behaviour


Easily grown or shrunk to adapt to a changing site

Cloud Enabled

Cloud-based secure remote access to live views and recordings for site management

Privacy Assured

Privacy masking to obscure neighbouring properties


Fully GDPR compliant