About Us

Our Mission

Deliver a fit-for-purpose premium quality service that is value for money

Our Role

Prevent loss on client sites

Our Vision

To become the de facto standard in the provision of temporary site security services

Why I-Watchers?

Track Record

We believe our experience, technology, systems, processes and our values set us apart from many of our competitors.


We always go that extra mile and nothing is permitted to come between us and our primary quality objective which is to  prevent loss on our clients’ sites.


Confident that our service is second to none, we now offer new qualifying clients a no obligation means by which to assess our competency via our free trial. Please  Contact Us  for further information.



We work tirelessly to ensure our service is fit-for-purpose at the outset of each project and that it continues to remain so by adapting to the changing environment of evolving construction sites.


We have a policy to never switch off detection systems due to excessive false alarms, we instead choose to deal with the causes of those alarms.


With regular security audits, stakeholder input and local intelligence, emerging vulnerabilities are identified and mitigated before someone has the opportunity to exploit them.

Always Watching

Robust Monitoring

By monitoring live continuously, aided by sophisticated video analytics, we can boast multi-level detection capabilities where one acts as a contingency for the other.

Early Detection

Live monitoring allows us to detect and challenge an approaching threat at the perimeter before the intruder has even entered the site.

Gold Standard

Always watching is in our opinion a requirement not a preference in the context of ever changing construction sites.

A Part of Your Team

Common Goal

We operate as if we are a department within client organisations and aim to add value wherever possible without losing sight of our primary quality objective.

Agreed Outcomes

We can only protect what we can see and it is for this reason we agree with the client at the outset the type of service to be deployed, ranging from strategic location only up to our flagship zero blind spot service.

Strong Communication 

We are in constant communication with site management to ensure security remains at the forefront of everyone’s consideration at all times.


20 Years+

Collectively our senior management team have over 20 years of directly relevant experience in remotely monitored security service delivery.


We know that threats evolve which is why we don’t stand still.

We will never knowingly leave a client’s site unprotected.


We understand that complacency is our biggest enemy and we have put stringent performance measurement and management systems in place to ensure it is kept at bay.

Honesty, Integrity & Transparency


We operate in an open and transparent manner with regular reports sent to site management detailing all out-of-hours activity on their sites.


We share our performance statistics compiled from verifiable and credible data sources so that you can continue to have confidence in us and our service.


We believe total transparency is the key to building trust without which the service would not work.

Community Focus


As a Glasgow based organisation we are keen on supporting our local community and charities.


I-Watchers makes monthly donations and offers resources to SoulRiders www.soulriders.org.uk a community led charity that uses cycling as a medium to create a stronger, healthier and a more active community.


We frequently make one-off charitable donations to other deserving causes and hope to develop a portfolio of good causes which we support regularly as we grow.

Our Values

Customer Focus

Our customers’ needs always come first


What we do, we do to the highest standards

Honesty & Integrity

We deal with all our stakeholders in an open and transparent way


Our employees are the most important assets within the business

Service Delivery

What we deliver will be fit-for-purpose