Aerial Filming & Time-Lapse

Aerial Filming & Photography

•High-Resolution Aerial Filming & Photography using state-of-the-art drone and camera technology.

•Our pilots are fully insured and hold permission to fly commercial operations (PFCO) obtained through the Civil Aviation Authority.

•This service has been used to monitor ongoing construction site progress, marketing, and event filming.

Aerial Surveys

•Aerial surveys and inspection using drones that significantly reduces the cost and time of such due to there being no need for scaffolding/access platforms.

•Benefits from immediate real-time visibility of the high resolution feed by the client and/or their appointed surveyor.

•Recording of video feed provided as a record of the survey and for later desktop analysis by the client/surveyor.

Time-Lapse Video

•Our time lapse video service has been developed, tried and tested on construction sites which are probably the most unforgiving of environments.

•Time-lapse footage is an ideal way to showcase your project. It is perfect for social media and keeps viewers in the loop of project progress.

Post Production

•Our post production services can combine our Time-lapse clips with Drone footage and other ground-based videos or photographs together with soundtrack, voice over, subtitles and credits to make compelling videos or documentaries and keep interest buzzing.