Time & Attendance

Kiosk Based

•Outdoor kiosk with PIN, Card and biometric readers for your staff and sub-contractors to sign-in and sign-out.

•Kiosk based system requires site management to perform the admin related to enrolment.

Mobile Phone Based

•Utilising your staff or contractors’ own smartphones whereby they download an app and then can sign-in or sign-out of your site using their own phones.

•This system takes advantage of geolocation which means it is only possible to sign-in or sign-out when you are on site so that the system is not abused.

•The mobile phone based system requires the staff member/contractor to self-enrol once for each site thus removing the administrative overhead for site management.

Cloud Based Management

•Site management are given secure access to a cloud-based time & attendance system where they can see in real-time who is in or out.

•Search can utilize filters to show, for example, all ground workers currently on site.

•Records are maintained throughout the whole project so historical searches may be conducted.

•Data is deleted 3 months after end of project in order to ensure GDPR compliance.